Garrett's House is dedicated to the support, advice, and education of a genetic skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB for short. Currently there is no cure or effective treatment for EB. Please take a moment to learn about EB, and how you can support others who struggle with EB everyday. Garrett's House also honors the memory of those who lost their brave fight against EB. Please check out the Garden of Angel to learn more about the precious butterfly angels.

April 13, 2010

Guide for new parents of an EB baby

A guide for new parents of an EB baby

If you are the parent, relative or friend of a new EB baby, 
this site provides lots of information that will be 
helpful in the first few days, weeks and months of life.

What is EB?

Epidermolysis Bullosa is group of inherited genetic blistering diseases of the skin. There are three main forms of inherited EB: EB Simplex, Junctional EB and Dystrophic EB. These different subtypes are defined by the depth of blister location within the skin layers.

Blister formation of EB simplex is within the epidermis. Sometimes EB simplex is called epidermolytic. Blister formation in Junctional EB is seen at the level of the lamina lucida within the basement membrane zone. Dystrophic EB or dermolytic EB is a scarring form of EB which occurs in the deeper tissue at the level the lamina densa or upper dermis.

Essentially, someone with EB is missing the "glue" that holds the skin together. By doing a biopsy, doctors are able to determine which "glue" a person is missing and therefore tell what type of EB they have.


Here you can find information on the day to day care 

of an EB baby and some answers to 
many frequently asked questions.

To locate helpful tips for EB patients in the 

hospital, click here

The do’s and don’t's when it comes to an 
EB baby in the hospital. 

For information on wound care, and wound care products.

To become aware of possible secondary complications 

that can accompany EB.

Information on EB related infections and 

tips on overcoming them

EB friendly baby products and gear

Click here to learn more about developmental issues, 

such as walking and crawling; EB and the eyes; 
sleeping issues; and dental care.

To learn more about acid reflux and how it 
can cause complications in some with EB.

The genetics of EB  

To locate on-line support groups and other EB 
organizations that provide support, promote
awareness and educate others, click here. 

  To learn more about me and how EB 
affects my life, click here.  

To visit my Garden of Angels, a place to honor those 
who lost their brave battle to EB, click here.  

To learn about SSI and Disibility and where to apply  

Airway Issue in EB  

EB and Circumcision

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