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April 13, 2010

Bandaging and Wound Care

Bandaging and Wound Care Bathing and Dressing Changes:

There is no right way to do these things. What ever works best for you and your baby. Some do it on the changing table, others the couch or their bed. The most recommended thing is NOT to change bandages in the baby’s bedroom. That is so they won’t associate their room with being painful.

Some use a baby bath tub and some use the regular bath tub. Some lay the baby on a foam pad or thick pile of towels. Some take all the bandages off before the bath, some do it after the bath and other do it during the bath. Whatever system that works best for you and your baby!

Some parents have gotten a small inflatable pool and used that to bath the baby in. Once blown up it is soft, you have enough room to work in and it is easy clean up afterward.

Tips that make things go quickly and smoothly:

~Get help. Sometimes it will take 2-3 people to change dressings. Especially as the child gets older.

~Have everything laid out a head of time and cut to the size needed if possible.

~Have some type of distraction, i.e. a toy, a bottle, a pacifier, a video, etc…something to keep their mind off what is going on.

~Train other family members or friends, so if for someone reason you or the other parent are unable to change bandages at a certain point someone else can step right in an help out without having to be trained right on the spot.

Soaps and Lotions:

The use of a mild soap such as Dove or Johnson and Johnson baby wash is recommended for EB babies. Instead of rubbing the skin with the soap or wash cloth, you can either soak the baby in water with the soap already in there, or make a separate container of soapy water and gently pour it over the baby to cleanse the skin. Some also recommend using Dial Antibacterial Body Wash to help cut down on infections.

Lotions are fine for those with EB, though it may sting if lotion gets into an open wound. Shea Butter lotion/cream is really good for red areas on the body as well as scabs. Just make sure the wound is completely closed before applying.

Another good lotion, especially for itchy dry skin is Eucerin Calming Creme.

Everyone has there own preferences when it comes to soaps and lotions so just use whatever works best for your child.

Tips for the Bath:

If using a regular size bath tub, lay towels or blankets down to lay the baby on. Some use regular infant bath tubs with a towel or blanket as well. Personally we used a small inflatable swimming pool on the kitchen table. It was soft and big enough so she didn't hit her arms and legs on the sides. It was also very easy clean up and easy to disinfect. 

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Hand Wrapping video:


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Here is a video about bandaging the knees:

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