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April 13, 2010

EB friendly baby products and gear

This is just a general list of suggestions from EB parents. They may not work for every EB baby! 

General Baby Items: EB Approved!

Pacifier: many medical professionals will say no pacifiers for EB babies because of the damage it could cause. Well, if your baby wants one, let them have it!

The following brands have worked for other EB babies and caused minimal damage (if any):

~Silk Touch Silicone for Sensitive Skin from MAM 

~Soothie pacifiers- like the ones they have in the hospitals

Bottles: Some EB babies can drink out of any kind of bottles. Others can not. There is a bottle called the Haberman feeder ( Many with EB use this type and find it does not damage the skin.

Others like the Playtex Drop-Ins since these you can squirt the milk into the baby's mouth for them to swallow.

Others have found that smaller, preemie size nipples work best too. You can also make a cross-cut in any bottle nipple to allow the liquid to come out faster so the baby does not have to suck as hard.

Diapers: Pamper Swaddlers and Sensitives are very soft and tolerated by many EB babies. Other parents recommend Honest Company Diapers . Also cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular among EB babies.   One popular and EB friendly brand is FuzziBunz

Bedding: 100% Jersey Knit Cotton Sheets are SUPER SOFT and EB friendly. Many stores carry them.

Blankets: blankets made of jersey knit cotton, fleece or flannel are well tolerated by babies with EB.

Sippy Cups: MANY kids with EB continue to drink from a bottle WELL PAST age 1. (some time up to age 7 or 8) That is perfectly fine. If that is the only way they get the nutrition they need, then who cares what everyone says. Just *forget* to mention it to the doctor!

But when it comes time to transition, there are three brands of sippy cups recommended by other EB parents:

~ Advent Trainer Cup
~Gerber Nuk Soft spout learner cup
~Nuby Cups

All have soft spouts and are easy to drink from.

Spoons/Forks: the soft rubber or plastic seem to work best for EB babies.

Baby Gear: When it comes to swings, high chairs, bouncy chairs, mega saucers, etc...every baby has their own preference, even EB babies. Whatever they enjoy, just make sure it is well padded with egg crate or memory foam or a soft blanket. 

Car Seats: many EB parents use Egg Crete or Memory foam to pad underneath the lining of the car seats. You can also cover the straps with car seat strap cover or line them with a soft material to help cut down on the rubbing then tend to do to baby's face.

You can also use the foam to line just about anything else you baby will be in, i.e. swing, bouncer; play pen, etc.


Some EB babies can not tolerate any type of clothing, so do just fine with just about anything. EB parents recommend 100% cotton clothes with soft seams. Things that button/snap down the entire front are easy to get on. Zippers are ok, just be careful that the zipper does not rub against the skin. You can turn socks inside out to use on the feet or hands (as mittens.) some people have lined their baby’s clothes with satin material to make it soft and friction free. A lot of families find out what type of cloth works best on their baby and have willing friends and family make clothes out of that cloth. 

Other popular and EB Friendly Brands:

Kicky Pants (soft Bamboo fabric)

Hannah Andersen


There is a company that special makes shoe for child and adults with EB. I have been told that they run on the smaller side.

1349 Old 41 Hwy, Suite 130
Marietta, GA 30060 map
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm EST
(800) 750-6729
Fax: (800) 446-3101
Local: (770) 218-7414
Contact person: Shephan O’Hare
Other suggestions include: Nike Shoes and Crocs (or the generic version) as they are wide and allow extra room for bandages; ballet slippers, regular slippers, or moccasins.  Skidders have also been found to be EB Friendly

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