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April 13, 2010

Butterfly Stories

In Memory of Anthony Lee Postell Jr, 
as told by his Grandmother, 
Taunya M. Mendes

"His father and I went to the cemetary to choose his site along with the funeral director who is a friend of my families. We were not sure what to look for or were but when the cemetary rep. brought us to babyland both of us were scared then she finally pointed out the site were he could be laid to rest and with tears in his fathers eyes all of the sudden a huge gush of wind blew and we looked over and saw a butterfly and his father Anthony Sr., said this is it, he has let me know that this is the site and that is were my grandbaby has been laid to rest.

Well, we laid him to peace and my daughter was grieving hard and we all started getting very concerned about her mental and health well being. I finally got her to eat and talk a bit and she said to me "Mom if I only knew he was ok, I could rest a bit easier". Well after that she walked out to her car and called me saying so happy "Ma a white butterfly just followed me to my car and he is still flying around me", my reply was that is the answer you were waiting for Sophia that he is ok.  Every time she went outside of my house for days that white butterfly came back and I actually seen it for myself and was amazed. Never seen a white butterfly in my life and thought it might have been a moth but nope it was truly a butterfly. I Have faith and then my daughter prayed and has done a bit better since that day.   

Well, for the first time the other day before fathers day both his parents and myself along with the cemetary rep. went to go visit him so we could also sign off on his marker blue print (which is a big bronze butterfly & vase) and they both started crying and I started praying because I knew the kids heart was braking all over again and I asked Jesus (which in front of babyland and his site is a big statue of Jesus and to baby angels ) to please give them a sign that he is ok again. Then out of know where came a big beautiful Orange and black butterfly that flew down on the flowers the kids had laid on their babies site and they looked at me with the same tears in the eyes along with relief. I again said have faith because he hears you and will not let you down.

God is good and his only son Jesus is truly there with us always. I believe in angels and think they can come to us in many different forms here on earth such as babies or butterflies. If someone did not believe they would after hearing this story about our family."

In Memory of Garrett James Denslaw, as told by his mother, Sara Denslaw

 "Even though Christmas 2005 wasn't technically the first Christmas with out Garrett, I still considered it to be.We lost his so close to Christmas the previous year, that Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas that year.

But in 2005, after Sami had gone to bed and 'Santa' had come, I went out into our garage to check on some laundry that was in the dryer. As I was coming back into the house, something in the light caught my eye.  I turned to see what it was and flying near the ceiling was a butterfly! My first thought was how could a butterfly have gotten into the garage so late at night and in the middle of December for that matter?But then it hit me, Garrett had come home for Christmas.

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