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December 30, 2009

Baby Jesse

After losing Garrett, I never in a million years imagined we'd lose another child.  But it happened and here is the story:

"This page is dedicated to our 5th child whom we lost on August 13, 2009 due to a uterine rupture.  It occurred in the first trimester which is really, really rare.  Normally those type of ruptures occur due to severe trauma, but I had none.  I have had previous c-sections, but the tears were not along my c-section scars.  They were vertical and small, but severe enough for me to lose 2600cc of blood and require emergency surgery that the doctor isn't quite sure how I survived.  Two days and 4 blood transfusions later, I got to go home.  Though testing was done on the baby, they were unable to determine if it was a boy or girl, but we did learn the baby did nor developed as it should have been for being the gestational age it was, so it probable that the baby may not have made it to term or survived the birth and this all happened to spare us more heart-ache down the line.  Either way, we wanted the baby to have a name, and chose Jesse, since it would work or a boy or a girl.

In some ways it was 'easier' to lose a child for the 2nd time, but it other ways it was harder.  There are many more 'why?'s this time then there was with Garrett.  The doctor was able to save all my organs, so physically I can have more children, the risk of this happening again is very high and the doctors are strongly recommending we not have more kids.  So now I am at the point of 'now what'.  But life goes on, I have gone back to work, back to the normal day to day stuff.  But some days, many days, are still very, very hard."

In addition; all of our other kids share a birthday of someone else in our lives.   Our oldest- with someone I work with (and Michael Jackson, but we don't know him personally).  Garrett- with our next door neighbor at the time, Jackie, our 3rd child- Jackie's husband, John, our 4th child- the twin sisters of another EB angel who died less than a month after Garrett; and baby Jesse was no exception, as he or she share a birthday with me.  All this happened very early in the morning of my 32nd birthday.