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February 1, 2013

RIP Bruce Gunn

Last Saturday, the EB community lost one of its dearest members.  Bruce was 46 and had RDEB.  Not many with that type of EB make it past their 20's let alone into their 40's.  He was known in the EB community as 'Grandpa Bruce'.  Bruce had been battling skin cancer due to the EB for many years.  He fought hard and brave for many, many years, but even 'Grandpa' Bruce couldn't fight forever!  He was known in the EB community for his can-do attitude toward everything in life!  Growing up he was determined to go to school, learn to drive a car, attend collage, get a job and live on his own and he accomplished all those things! 

I first meet Bruce at an EB event in 2004 and our paths crossed at other EB events in the years after that.  He was always very kind and always a gentleman. 

You can read more about Bruce here, and please take the time to check out the comments people left in his guestbook.  You can tell he was loved by all that knew him. 

Rest in peace my friend.  I know you are happy to see your mom again and all your EB friends who went before you.

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