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October 27, 2015

Administering Blended Diets and Recipes!

Administering blended diets is a little different than feeding formula.  

Most blended have to be pushed by hand quickly vs using a feeding pump over the course of an hour. 

We use the wider extension (blous) to attach to the mic-key button.  And we use a 60ml syringe to push the blends into the stomach.  We push it thru very quickly because that is what my son prefers.  But some kids need it pushed much slower.  It will also depend on your child and what they prefer and can tolerate.  Once the feeding is finished, we flush the line with 20cc of water.  Water is very important for kids with eb to keep the kidneys healthy.  The amount of water each kid needs depends on their age, weight, and health.  Your child's doctor can tell you how much free what they need daily.  

We feed at normal meal/snack times, to mimic when a child without a gtube would eat.  We don't do overnight feeds, which is common in kids with gtubes.  The human body isn't designed to be feed continuously overnight. The gut needs time to rest and when one is feed overnight it really never has time to rest.  

Blended diet is time consuming and not as easy as using formula.  But the health benefit it SO worth all the extra work. 

Here are some example recipes we use:




Each one is what I call a "batch".  I then divide each batch into a day's worth of blends.  It is at that point I add other things; oils, the baby oatmeal, Benacalorie, etc...  Then I divide all that into a service size for my son, place in snack size Zip-Loc bag and freeze until we need them.  I typically blend once a week making enough for 7-10 days worth of meals.

You can do any combination of food you'd like.  It all depends on your child's needs, food allergies, etc...  These are just the things we have tried.

*Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional.   This is not medical advice.  i am just sharing what I have learned along the way with the hope it makes things easier for others. 

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