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October 7, 2011

Washing Tubifast

Many have asked me how I wash the Tubifast we use on Sami and Joey.  So I thought i'd do a blog post on it!

1) get a Large Lingerie bag used for washing Lingerie in the washing machine.  (I use a Tide High Performance Wash Bag)

2) Unroll the entire roll of Tubifast and place in the bag. (I have done up to 3 rolls at one time)  Zip closed. (VERY important)

3) Washing on a normal cycle with your normal detergent.  I also add 1 cup of baking soda and use a full capful of fabric softener to make it extra soft. 

4) I dry it in the dryer one regular drying cycle. 

5) I remove it from the bag and stretch it out a little bit more and then hang it around the house to finish drying (I hang it on the back of the dinning room chairs:)

6) Once dry I cut it to the length that we need for arms, legs, etc...and store it in Ziploc bags so its ready for when we need it. 

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